Mockup MADE in GERMANY with LOVE

WHY mockups?
The idea with the mockups felt in a separate project. This is about professional photography from various fields for their own 4 walls. For that I bought instead they themselves create for thumbnails always frame mockups.

My mockups differ visually very different from the other offered mockups. There is no scene editor, where you can move the artificial-looking flowers or bulbs from A to B and looks artificially all somehow equal and foremost. Your Fill at etsy are unique, just like my frame mockups. The perfect symbiosis.

My frame mockups are created in the country house, Maritimen- and Scandinavian style, always with a pinch of vintage. The frames are all genuine, mostly designed and created by myself. Since we set up our maritime, are sufficiently "Locations" and decorative items available.

Since 1996 I create graphics, logos, banners and templates for all conceivable areas. I am Adobe Photoshop Professionals, have created more than 100,000 graphics & websites. Numerous prizes and awards for digital art, photography and design.

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